Sudden floods hit Tehran's recreation areas

On July 28, 2022, a sudden floods hit the Imamzadeh Davood area in the northwest of Tehran, and two days after that, the Mazdaran village in the Firuzkoh area, located in the northeast of Tehran province. Both Imamzadeh Davood and Mazdaran village are recreational areas around Tehran that many people from Tehran travel to during the hot season. In Imamzadeh Davood, the flood destroyed the bazaar and stopped after entering the building of the holy shrine of Imamzadeh, but in the village of Mazdaran, the most destruction was in the parts of the village where the construction was done without considering the geography of the village. The new and luxurious villas that were built with high-quality materials but were built in the path of the flood were destroyed and many people, including villagers and tourists who came there from Tehran, were killed. When I was assigned to cover the flood disaster in the village, heavy rain, which resembled rain in Pakistan and is a result of climate change, caused a sudden flood to flow from the mountain five hundred meters away from us within ten minutes, but fortunately it did not harm us.

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