Mobile photography can be called one of the most pervasive genres of photography.
For me, mobile photography is a simpler form of photography. A simple language that the subject in front of me can also understand. Because smartphones are in the hands of everyone in the community, it makes it easier for me to photograph them (although I also explain to them why I took pictures of them).
This gallery has no story. Photos, unlike other galleries, are single-frame, and the result of my joy of seeing the world in a simple way. 

To me, a cell phone’s camera is just like a photo camera. It has a viewfinder like a camera, and like a camera, it has the power to capture the moment. Images in this gallery may be social documentary or landscape, Journalistic or artistic, but the only thing that matters to me is sharing the joy of looking, during a walk on a road, city, or a village with you. the simple pleasure of seeing and talking simply with the world’s simplest camera.


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