Religion and modernism meet in Qom

The holy city of Qom was one of the most influential cities in Iran, which played an important role in the victory of Iran's 1978 Islamic Revolution. World-famous Seminaries and holy Shrines, such as Feyziyeh Seminary and the holy Shrine of Hazrat-e-Masoumeh, Imam Reza's sister, has made the holy city of Qom as one of the most important holy cities in the world of Islam. The only image that people imagine in their mind when they hear the name of this religious city, is an image of a woman covered by a black Chador and wearing a burqa, or a cleric. While people living in Qom, like many other people in other cities of Iran, have a variety of different tastes and lifestyles, of course, it has not a long time since this lifestyle, which is more popular among young people and is growing faster every day. On the other point of view, the city of Qom, which is located 145 km in the south of Tehran, is sometimes considered a road stop between the southern and northern cities of Iran. Travelers who intend to travel by road from the south of the country to the north of the country must pass through this city and, which has caused different cultures and different lifestyles of people in different cities of Iran effect the traditional-religious lifestyle of this city. The factors I mentioned above have caused a new lifestyle to emerge in parallel with the religious and traditional life of the people, which even can feel its impact on the architecture of Qom. If long ago Qom was known for its pomegranate orchards and rural garden alleys, if after the destruction of pomegranate orchards, Qom was known for its special and famous religious places, today you have to expect to see a city that is gradually appearing Modern. The streets gradually become like the streets of the capital or other metropolises of Iran such as Isfahan or Tabriz. Somewhat luxury restaurants, shopping malls, and shops with shop windows full of colorful clothes and with foreign inscriptions and logos are experiencing new customers, most of whom are young people of this city. After all, the holy city of Qom is also one of the cities of Iran and changes are necessary and Inevitable for a modern lifestyle, which may be growing and emerging in this city at a slower pace than other cities in Iran.

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