Masoumeh, Ten years after acid attack

Ten years ago, a year and a half after Masoumeh Ataiee divorced her husband, her father-in-law attacked her with acid when he asked her to close her eyes in surprise. That night, Masoumeh thought "in the words of her father-in-law" was a surprise for her little boy. He lost his face ten years ago, lost his sight due to acid spraying, and had to forgive his father-in-law to save his young son's life while his mother-in-law threatened to attack his son with acid. Now, ten years later, she is working as a model with jewelry manufacturers and fashion designers and is doing her best to collect 70,000 GBP by appearing and telling her life story on Instagram. The money that she needs to pay for traveling to the UK and her eye surgery expenses to regain her sight and see her son again.

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