Little soldiers

Toy guns are attractive to children in most countries, and we do not know a country where children do not play war or police games on the streets where machine guns or pistols are not the main things for play. But these games take on a more serious form when a child is born in a country where the country has been at war for many years, Then the child accepts war and war toys as a priority for play and entertainment. In the south of Iran and in Khuzestan province, at the zero point of the border with Iraq, every year, as Nowruz approaches, an institution called the central headquarters of the Rahyan-e-Noor (Light passengers) organizes cultural tours of the Rahyan-e-Noor for people who like and wish to visit the border areas of Iran and Iraq, which were involved at war from 1980 to 1988 or know more about the eight-year-war. Iraq has been announced as the beginner of the war by the United Nations, and these former battlefields for Iranian people are holy areas that have saved the reminiscent of Iranian soldiers and warriors who lost their lives in the face of the Iraqi invasions. Also, every year and at the beginning of the anniversary of the Eight-Year War, military and government institutions in Iran, such as the army and the IRGC, hold exhibitions in different cities of Iran, which are known as holy defense exhibitions in Iran. This photo story shows children who are either visiting the Holy Defense exhibitions or imagining themselves on the battlefield with the enemy.

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