How is life in the Asian-European city of Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey with a population of more than fifteen million is one of the most important cities in Turkey, which can be called the tourist capital of Turkey. Istanbul is the only city, part of which is located in Asia and partly in Europe. The first constitution of the Republic of Turkey, which was drafted in 1924, defined Islam as the official religion of Turkey. However, in the 1928 constitutional amendments, this article was removed and with the emphasis on the separation of religion from politics, Turkey was introduced as a country with a secular government (separation of religion from politics). When you walk In the city, the diversity and freedom of choice of clothing are especially evident by women. Also, the large number of tourists who travel to this city from all over the world attracts a lot of attention. The Mediterranean climate of Istanbul, the friendly behavior of the people of this city, the beautiful streets, and the original architecture of Istanbul, make life in this Asian-European city enjoyable. In fact, there is always a place for you when you are not feeling well so that you can feel better by walking, eating Turkish food, drinking tea, or even alcohol. In general, Istanbul can be classified as a multinational and multi-religious city, and of course, it can be called a city that is alive most hours of the day and night.

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