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Forty-three years ago, the US embassy, ​​known as the Spy Nest after the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, was occupied by a group of students known as the Muslim Student Followers of the Imam Khomeini's Line. the walls of the former US embassy were then covered with anti-American murals to be a connection between people and most important history of the relationship between Iran and the U.S., also as a reminder of what has been happened forty-three years ago. One of those paintings that have changed every few years is a pistol that was painted completely in the shape of the American flag a few years ago and changed a bit after years by removing the stars on it. This collection is a portrait of people who pass in front of this mural every day. People with different opinions and tastes. Some of them agree with these works and may have a different theoretical group than the first group, but in the end, after my request to stand in front of this mural, they agreed and wanted to pose for photographs in front of this anti-U.S. mural. This connection between people and the paintings that have been on these walls for more than four decades may be considered a kind of routine to which they are so accustomed that they do not even notice their occasional changes. For others, it may be a symbol of a nation's victory over a superpower, and for others, it is a reminder of the passing of a historical period and the entry into a new eventful period.

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