Baku, the capital of Iran's separated land

The Treaty of Golestan was signed October 25, 1813, following the Qajar-Iranian wars between the two countries in the village of Golestan by the Russian and the Iranian governments. Following this agreement, Some parts of Armenia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia have been separated from Iran, and sovereignty over parts of the northern part of the imperial state of Iran, including the Caucasus, Armenia, the eastern states, and all cities and towns and villages of western Georgia on the Black Sea coast. including present-day Chechnya and Ingush were taken from Iran and ceded to the Russian Empire. In 2015, more than two centuries after the signing of the Golestan Treaty, commissioned by the Persian National Geographic Magazine and the Tourism Office of Azerbaijan, to depict the modern face of a country that was part of Iran two centuries ago, but now for traveling to Azerbaijan I have to get the visa, I traveled to Baku. The government of the President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev had ordered the process of modernization of Azerbaijan, especially the city of Baku, to begin after the Eurovision Song Contest. The first thing that caught my eye after leaving Baku airport on the way to the hotel in the city center was the existence of standard highways. In many parts of the city, the changes were well visible. Clothing stores of well-known Western brands were on the main streets of Baku, and famous American fast-food restaurants such as McDonald's were crowded with people and young people who were fascinated by food that until a few years ago may they have been seen just on satellite networks. The President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, had ordered the modernization of Baku, and while walking around the city, luxury towers with luxurious views could be seen that showed no sign of the communist era of the Soviet Union. When walking in the streets of Baku, except for parts of the city that still retain their old architectural form, no cultural features specific to the country of Azerbaijan can be seen in the new buildings of Baku. The nested houses have been gradually demolished and replaced by towers, but if you could look at the center area of a series of towers from the top of a high range building, you would still see signs of the communist era of the Soviet Union. However, behind the happy appearance of the beautiful streets of the city and the happy youth who are friends with each other regardless of personal taste in the type of clothing and hijab, there is a low purchasing power of the people and poverty and high prices. The level of income in the country is so low that several families are forced to work and live in the same house. Finally, Azerbaijan and its capital were once part of my country, but now people believe that the city of the Iranian western city of Tabriz belongs to Azerbaijan and even its capital, and they may have forgotten that after the expiration of the Treaty of Golestan, Azerbaijan should have been returned to Iran, but never happened. The people of this country are accustomed to a lifestyle that is not possible in Iran, alcohol is free in cafes and restaurants, and people, especially young people, are reluctant to remember history and return to their homeland, Iran.

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