Afghan play

In an open field, Afghans gathered with their trained animals, the animals such as goats or sheep, horses, dogs, roosters, or even partridges to fight to the death. Men who enjoy watching a bloody battle between two creatures, and bet on one of them to win. The more bloody the competition, the more fun it will be and the winner will receive little food as a reward and the loser may be hanged by his owner. Whatever they are, these games have their roots in ancient history, such as the war to steal each other's food or the use of animals in wars to conquer a country that has become a game to earn millions these days. In 2009, I was able to photograph the war of roosters, Buzkashi, and war dogs in Herat, Afghanistan. Seeing the bloody battle of the animals was sad and strange to me, I was sad because the living beings were trained by humans to kill each other. For no reason, and only for their owners to win the race and be happy, and it was strange because these men were complaining about a war that they thought was being waged by politicians, and they inadvertently confronted each other to kill and survive.

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